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About Pavection

Pavéction is a world-class manufacturer of Micro Pavé diamond set jewellery, with a specialisation in bridal and engagement jewellery, as well as jewellery set multi-sided and French Fishtail style.

Our trademarked name ‘Pavéction’ comes from the simple integration of the French and diamond setting term, ‘Pavé’, and the word ‘Perfection’.

colored-diamondsPavé settings are made up of many small gemstones (usually diamonds), which are set closely together and are separated and held in place by small beads of the setting metal. This gives the appearance of a continuous surface of diamonds (or other gemstones).

Micro-Pavé refers to the technique of setting these small diamonds (or other gemstones) in multiple rows over the entire surface of a jewellery piece with a precision that is only possible using high magnification, most commonly a microscope.

The mounting of diamonds in Pavé and especially Micro-Pavé settings requires an exceptional skill and expertise.

Robert Kennedy, a Brisbane based diamond setter and jeweller, having seen a market for extremely high end Micro-Pavé jewellery in Australia, was determined to manufacture this jewellery to a vastly higher quality than was previously available. With this dream of excellence in mind, Robert sought further extensive training under the close eye of one of the masters in European Micro Pavé diamond setting. Excelling throughout his training, Robert later combined this expertise with his existing skills and manufacturing techniques to develop a brand, with a specific focus of producing creations of unsurpassed quality and perfection. This is where Pavéction was born.

PAVECTION 0.95ct Butterfly ring - view 1Robert, our leading jeweller and specialist diamond setter, has acquired a vast array of skills necessary to be able to manufacture all Pavéction jewellery in-house, meaning that no work needs to be outsourced to any other tradesperson. As a client of Pavéction you can be assured that we can provide all services required, starting from the initial design, to sourcing diamonds directly from diamond site holders and cutting houses, gemstone mines and sorting factories, to the fabrication, setting and polishing of all jewellery, as well as professional photography of our final creation (if requested) and delivery to the client.

The unsurpassed quality of Pavéction jewellery can be appreciated under magnification, which we can demonstrate in our showroom, ensuring our clients that their jewellery is of exceptional quality, and the materials used are exactly what we guaranteed. All Pavéction jewellery must pass our scrupulous Quality Assurance check under microscope, before it will be packaged and ready for our clients.

At Pavéction, we pride ourselves in delivering only the highest quality pieces of jewellery to our valued and respected clients. Pavéction creations are considered the crème de la crème of diamond set jewellery, particularly our Micro-Pavé diamond set pieces.

We look forward to presenting you with the incomparable quality, value and satisfaction that we guarantee.


Pavéction in creation


About Robert Kennedy

rob-workingRobert Kennedy is a Brisbane-based, European-trained diamond setter and Australian-trained manufacturing jeweller, who specialises in the extremely intricate and precise art of European style Micro Pavé, with an emphasis on Fishtail and multi-sided Micro Pavé setting.

Robert completed a jewellery manufacturing apprenticeship in Brisbane, during which time he worked full time for one of the largest jewellery manufacturers in Australia, while also continuing to work as a subcontractor for jewellers in Queensland for several years. He has always had excellent precision, attention to detail for even the most miniscule of features, and a love for diamond encrusted jewellery, which made him very passionate about his work. Robert was attracted to Pavé setting, handmade chains, and complex pieces which may appear simple to the untrained eye, yet extremely complicated and perfectly executed to the trained eye. This interest combined with the ability to learn new skills very quickly – which he excelled in – soon led to Robert Kennedy becoming a well known name in the Brisbane jewellery trade.

rob-working-closeupWith a keen eye for detail, Robert had always seen a niche market for Micro Pavé diamond setting, however he strived to raise the bar on quality to a previously unseen and exceptional level of unsurpassed quality – well above the standard found in most mass producing chain stores. In order to advance his skills and knowledge, Robert sought further training in Utrecht, to where he travelled on numerous occasions over several years to receive extensive training under the close eye of one of the masters in European Micro Pavé diamond setting. Not only looking up to, but also becoming close friends with his very generous and passionate teacher, Robert was privileged with secret techniques which are held very tightly guarded, and make the quality of his work a cut above the rest. He has also added his own expertise to these methods, to make them more relevant to the Australian market.

micoscopeHaving seen the quality of jewellery that is mass produced, and previously available in 95 per cent of the world, Robert was determined to raise the industry standard. He realised that in order to produce the highest standard of jewellery possible, and to deliver not only exceptional quality but also unsurpassed value to his customers, he must take control of the whole production process. Robert has acquired the skills to manufacture jewellery from start to finish, whereby no work needs to be outsourced to any other tradesman. This includes (but is not limited to) initial consultation, designs, quotes, sourcing diamonds (direct from site holder’s factories and cutting houses), direct sourcing of coloured gems and raw gold, CAD and/or handmade jewellery manufacturing, pre-polishing, setting of all stones, final polish and plating, in-house jewellery photography and delivering final pieces to clients – locally, nationally and internationally.

Robert endeavours to provide his clients with Micro Pavé diamond setting in the most unsurpassed form of perfection… This is where Pavéction was born.